• German quality manufacturer
  • MENNEKES is leader in research and development: Type 2 (MENNEKES-) connector from 2017 Europe-wide standard
  • Perfect for single-family houses, apartment buildings or companies
  • Increases self-consumption and degree of self-sufficiency
  • Intelligent management with SMA Sunny Home Manager and integration into SMA Smart Home
  • Comfortable management and monitoring via MENNEKES Charge APP
  • Integrated FI- und LS-switch
  • Wide product range including intelligent charging solutions in the performance classes of 3,7 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW


MENNEKES AMTRON charging stations combine quality and safety with convenience. They are perfect for charging electric vehicles with your own costeffective solar power. The approx. 22 x 26 x 48 cm handy charging stations are mounted on the wall in the garage or carport or set up with a pedestal as a chaging column. The experienced Gernan quality manufacturer MENNEKES is the market leader in charging solutions for electric cars and their connection to PV systems.

We recommend the AMTRON Xtra charging station for detached houses. The AMTRON Premium also has an RFID system by means of which up to 100 different users can charge - ideal for semi-public areas such as multi-family houses or companies.
Both charging stations can be conveniently controlled and operated with the "MENNEKES Charge APP" via a smartphone or tablet. The app provides an overview of the charging station, charging process, routes, consumption data and costs. Automatic charge modes help to optimise consumption and costs. The charging station can thus be integrated into the intelligent SMA energy management system using the SMA Sunny Home Manager.

The AMTRON charging station is equipped with the MENNEKES type 2 plug and for optimum safety with FI and MCB switches. An LED display provides an overview of the status of the charging station. The modern and functional design integrates a practical and convenient cable suspension system in an intelligent way.

MENNEKES offers six AMTRON variants, each of which - from Start, Light, Pro, Basic to Xtra and Premium - has an additional feature. They are all available in the performance classes 3.7 kW, 11 kW and 22 KW.

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